Adventures of a kinky submissive exhibitionist

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Oh, did I run out into the street in my underwear? Oh, Im so silly! I wore them inside out!! What a ditzy slut i am...mmmmmm
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Is this how you want me to pose when your friends come over Sir?
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Such a hot outfit!! I WANT IT!
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My Master sent me here to suck you and your homeless friends off. All he wants in return is that you cover me in cum before sending me home...mmmmmmm
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Sunday, October 29, 2006

what does my top say? I cant read upside down!


ohh Master, Im very sorry I put two cups of sugar instead of one...please dont spank me


that's what i look like after being treated to a fair bit of men juices during the sunday nite football party at my bf's place ;)


mmmmm i wonder which one is me? which one do YOU want me to be?


is she trying to be like me? a proper bimbo cheap slut?


oops, did someone catch me exposing my hard nipples? ohhhhh, do I have to walk through the rest of the library like this???


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Happy New Year! (a little late)

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry Im a little late, I was out on vacation! Punish me will you please?

Well, its the new year and lots to do. I thought I'd make up for not posting by sharing some hot pics from my collection. I hope you like them. Please dont forget to post your comments.

I hope to make this blog even more popular and I'd like your help. Please link to me or mention my blog wherever you can. In return, I can offer you a lot - if you want something, just ask ;-)

Anyway, enjoy these pics and look for my next posts since Im back!

The cheap slut that I want to be.

Crawling on the floor like I deserve.

Naughty college nympho slut that I was a couple of years back!

Out somewhere in public so that everyone can see my slutty body

Just the right length of skirt that a slut should wear

My Master pimping me off as a high-class hooker for some extra money!

High class or not, Im still that cheap whore.

If I was a celebrity, I'd wear these to make sure people knew my slutty roots

Cum on me, wont you? And get the rest of the guys too.

Is this how you want me to sit for the entire office meeting?

This is how a proper slut should greet a guest

I dont need to wear anything underneath, Im going out!

Can I get up Sir? My bra's so tight I cant breathe and I think I can feel the grass ants crawling into my pussy!

One down, 49 more to go!

A cheap slut whore is never going to have a wedding, but that doesnt mean she cant play the bride!

This is how I waited for you the entire Christmas day! But you never showed up Santa!

The cheap whore that I am, waiting outside the clinic to check that I hadnt gotten a STD yet.


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Black Corset with Pink Micromini

This outfit screams SLUT! And I absolutely love it! The perfect combination of black and pink :)

Would you like to stain my pretty pink skirt? ;) More pics here.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Grace's Hard Lessons

I finally found a link to the complete "Grace's Hard Lessons" story - thanks to destr0yr. Read and enjoy!


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Back again

I know I havent posted for a long time. Sorry, I've been on vacation.

But I'm back and I thought I'd share all the naughty pics from my collection. Hope you like them. I'm back and posting again :-)

Would love to hear your comments.

P.S. Many kisses to destr0yer from Thanks stud :-)